Your interest in our services and the time you have spent browsing is much appreciated by our company. Our administrators give the highest priority to customer privacy and security. Every possible step is taken to ensure personal information is protected against loss, abuse, and misuse. The type of data we collect and the reason for that is described in the following article.

We collect certain types of data to facilitate the process of cooperation such as:  

Personal Data

Information that relates to an identified individual. You may share your personal data with us by filling out the Order Form on our website, registering on our site, or sharing some requirements regarding the task through the personal profile.

Examples: your name, email address, phone number

Billing Information

Information that is used to verify the authorized use of a specific form of payment. Third-party service suppliers process your payment source information when you purchase on our website. These service suppliers may provide us with certain billing information of yours to grant security.

Note that we do not examine, store, or use your billing information.

Examples: information connected to Credit card or any other financial account.

Further, Our web server collects information on:

  • Time of visitor access
  • Type of web browser
  • Type of operating system

Having access to the information of this type does not allow customer identity to be disclosed. Our company uses it solely for the purpose of fine-tuning and customizing the information provided on our website and to improve the presentation of that information and the overall content. We do not sell, share or disclose information obtained in this way.   

Payment Processing (Online)

The systems our company uses for payment processing are secure, reliable and designed to keep billing information confidential. We may ask you to verify your identity for the purpose of preventing online fraud.

Customer Rights Personal profile data can be corrected, renewed or deleted. Please get in touch with our customer support team if any changes are needed.