Strategic Management

  • Part A
  • Question 1 – Michael Porter argues that a firm may achieve a Competitive Advantage through the Resourced Based and the Positioning Approach. Citing examples show how an organisation can build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage using both approaches.
  • Question 2 – The Blue Ocean Strategies put forward by Kim and Mauborgne (2005) introduces how a company may achieve a quantum leap in “Value Innovation”. Develop a Blue Ocean Strategy Using the strategy canvass and the 4 actions framework for a service business of your choice.
  • Part B
  • Question 1 – The Generic Strategies and the Value Chain theories are interlinked. Select a manufacturing organisation and configure a Value Chain to deliver the chosen Generic Strategic Option.
  • Question 2 – Activity Maps show how a company’s strategic position is contained in a set of tailored activities designed to deliver it. Select a retail organization of your choice and construct a comprehensive activity map for the organisation and benchmark this map with an international, best in class company’s activity map.

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