Developing People for Leadership and Management


Developing People for Leadership and Management

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Identify a suitable business organization of your choice, which has developed a good performance management system (PMS).

Critically analyze how this performance management system will help to maintain both Employee Motivation and productivity.

Discuss how ‘combine work and learning’ is used in this organization to enhance learning opportunities of the employees.

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Company Background
3.0 Performance management of JKH
3.1 Team performance management
3.2 Individual performance management
3.2.1 Bell curve in performance appraisal
3.2.2 360-degree feedback
4.0 Employee motivation and productivity via performance management system
5.0 Combine work and learning
6.0 Recommendations
7.0 Conclusion


1.0 Introduction

Performance management is a mechanism of ensuring that set of and outputs achieves an organization’s objectives efficiently and effectively. The main objective of performance management of the organization is that to improve performance of employees and managers. When improve the performance of individuals inevitably improve the team and organizational performance (Gheorghe and Hack, 2007) . Individual results flow into group results, which in turn contribute to overall performance of the organization (Armstrong, 2012). Collective behavior of the company arise from the strong individual behavior. This study will comprehensively analyze the Performance Management System (PMS) of John Keells Holdings (JKH). Performance management system of JKH is one of main reason for the success of the company.

2.0 Company Background

JKH is the largest conglomerate in Sri Lanka and also it is the largest listed company on Colombo Stock Exchange. JKH operates in many industries such as transformation, FMCG, retail, leisure, property and finance services. JKH was founded in early 1870s and with the time company has developed to current level by continuously realigned and repositioning itself. Currently, JKH has more than 70 companies operates in seven industry sectors. According to LMD magazine, JKH is recognized as number 01 company in the most respected entities in Sri Lanka. There is more than 10,000 employees in JKH group. Total revenue of JKH was recorded Rs. 135 billion in 2018/19 financial year. Total revenue has increased by 11.5% compared to previous year (JKH annual report, 2019). The vision of the company is that building businesses that are leaders in the region. Company vision itself express company’s commitment to develop leadership. There need to be proper performance management system to enhance leadership within the company. Company has won many national and international awards for the excellent products and services that company provide. Company’s performance management system directly affect to success of the group in last few decades.
JKH has a performance management system which ensure that all employees of the organization go through regular performance appraisal. The performance management process inspires employees to provide their best to the company. This study will analyze that how PMS of JKH help to maintain employee motivation and productivity. Further, this study will discuss how JKH use “combine work and learning” to enhance learning opportunities of the employees.