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Finance Management – Singer Sri Lanka


Finance Management – Singer Sri Lanka

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Executive Summary

1.0 Role of Measuring Business Performance at SINGER

2.0 Finance Performance Management of SINGER

3.0 Assessing the current Business performance of SINGER by using suitable performance measurements
3.1 Market Share
3.2 Marketing measurements of SINGER
3.3 Market Penetration
3.4 Customer Satisfaction

4.0 Financial Ratios Interpretations
4.1 Liquidity ratio
4.1.1 Working capital
4.1.2 Current ratio
4.1.3 Quick ratio
4.2 Profitability ratio
4.2.1 Operating profit margin
4.2.2 Gross profit margin and Net profit margin
4.2.3 Return on capital employed
4.3 Efficiency ratio
4.3.1 Asset turnover
4.3.2 Inventory turnover
4.4 Gearing
4.4.1 Gearing
4.4.2 Interest coverage ratio
4.5 Market ratio
4.5.1 P/E Ratio

5.0 Recommendations on improvement of selected performance measurement tools.

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Executive Summary

In current context, business environment change quickly and organizations need to change their strategies and tactics according to environment. Finance business performance measurements creates value for company and eventually for the shareholders. The co-objective of this report is to evaluate the business performance of the SINGER (Sri Lanka) PLC. Further this report will support the organization since this will enhance the quality of the decision making by the higher management as all together.
Further, this report further will discuss the inter relationship with financial strategy and business strategy. Ratio calculation has been done to evaluate the financial performance of the Singer Sri Lanka PLC.
The first section of the report will evaluate “the Role of Measuring Business Performance” in SINGER with relate to separate department sources. Further, it will discuss about the way SINGER has been using the Sales and Finance metrics according to current dynamic market.
Further this report has evaluated effectiveness of finance of both strategic level and operational level. This report has based on most reliable metrics which are more appropriate to use for SINGER and could utilize to measure its performance more effective manner. This analysis will provide better understanding about company’s current status to make better futuristic decisions.

1. Role of Measuring Business Performance at SINGER

Measuring Business Performance should be done by every organization time to time. This metrics of an organization becomes significantly crucial for many vailed reasons. Most crucial factor that business should understand the importance of healthy finance performance since eventually company performance depend on the financial performance of the company.
SINGER finance division faces more difficulties to link their business performance compared to related expenditure. The finance manager has to justify related finance activities and Costs relevant to business performance. Proper business performance measurement is useful to identify the insight of the business performance.
SINGER Finance Department requires more data to measure the performance of their department and have required data within the department will make effective measurement system. However measurement of business performance secures the budget for future activities or prevent possible budget shortage. In order to take rational decisions management needs accurate information to measure the true business performance of SINGER.