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International marketing strategy – Human Nature – Philippine to New Zealand


International marketing strategy – Human Nature – Philippine to New Zealand

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International marketing mix strategy by selecting a different organization, home country and a new foreign market.

Product policy decisions: extension, adaptation, invention.
Channel decisions.
Pricing issues and decisions.
Promotional challenges and issues.
Assess the potential of using other means of communication

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Table of Contents

Executive summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Product policy decisions
2.1 Production extension – communication adaptation
2.2 Product adaptation – communication extension
3.0 Channel options
4.0 Pricing issues and decisions
4.1 Currency fluctuations, inflation environment
4.2 Government controls and subsides
4.3 Competitive behavior
5.0 Promotional challenges and issues
5.1 Implications of legal constraints in advertising strategy
5.2 Implications of linguistic limitation in advertising strategy
5.3 Implications of cultural diversity in advertising strategy
6.0 Potential of using other means of communication
6.1 Direct marketing and online marketing
6.2 Mobile marketing
6.3 Trade shows
6.4 Social media marketing


Executive summary

Current global market is so complicated and market is surrounded by many products from all around the world. International trading is not a new thing to the world however, it has been drastically increased in recent past due to emerging technologies. Even though, there are not much difference in key principles of international or domestic marketing, there are some important factors that need to be considered. This report discuss the international marketing strategy for Philippine personal care brand called Human Nature. The objective of this report is to analyze the international marketing strategy for Human Nature to operate in New Zealand market.
Human Nature has different range of products for face care, hair care, body care, feminine care, hand and foot care, beauty products and many other aspects. Further, Human Nature has products for women, men and kids and baby care. Natural, pure and safe ingredients are used to produce these product range. Therefore, all the products of the company are at least 95% natural and the most of them are 100% natural. This report analysis the appropriate target market for new product range, its characteristics and marketing mix strategy. This report suggests to company mainly focus on few main cities that live 50% population of the New Zealand. According to this evaluation, it suggests to follow the best cost strategy to attract urban community which look for differentiate product for affordable price. This report extensively analyze the market mix strategies addressing product, price, place and promotion aspects.
Further, favorable environment of New Zealand to start business always support to new company to establish in the market. Current economic condition of both countries will support to international trade between two countries. Ecommerce and social media penetration of the market have been positively affected to international trade. Thus, this report evaluate how effectively use these new trends in the business world for promotion aspects.

1.0 Introduction

International marketing includes planning and distributing a company’s product using a suitable market entry method and marketing mix to access international borders (Diasz, 2017 ). When a company consider to go global, there are many factors that need to be evaluated such as the drivers and resisters of international marketing, evaluating country market, management orientation, market entry strategies, business model and strategy etc. Human nature need to consider these factors relevant to New Zealand market. Therefore, this report will analysis the marketing mix for Human Nature. New Zealand is a comparatively small market which has highly supportive environment for the businesses. However, New Zealand seriously consider about the quality of the product, customers’ health and environmental safety. Therefore, many factors need to be considered when it comes to develop a marketing strategy for personal care product in the market like New Zealand. Mainly this report focus on product strategies and which product strategy is more suitable and furthermore, this report evaluate the available channel options. External environmental analysis is essential thing to identify strategic options. Therefore, this report considers external factors such as currency fluctuations, inflationary environments, government controls, subsides, and competitive behavior. Once conduct the external environment, this study can suggest the most suitable pricing strategy for Human Nature products. Further, this report evaluate the appropriate advertising strategy by assessing legal constraints, linguistic limitations and cultural diversity. Further, this discuss the promotion methods and different channels to communicate.

2.0 Product policy decisions

When it comes to enter international market, theoretically there are two different marketing mix strategies that company can consider called standardization and adaptation. Standardization refer providing a uniformed product to international market to exploit buyer similarities in homogenous market (Doole and Lowe, 2012). This strategy specially targets on common global customer needs. Adaptation refer making slight changes to a part or the whole marketing mix of the product to make product more applicable to that particular market (Hill, 2008). Considering the characteristics of these two different strategies, there can be identified few product policy strategic options without resorting to extremes of over those two strategies. Here, two of those strategies which more suitable for Human Nature are discussed and recommend more suitable strategic option.