Marketing Management


Marketing Management

Word Count – 2805


  • Understand the role and function of marketing in a variety of market and organizational contexts.
  • Critically evaluate and utilize marketing research data and methods to a given market situation.
  • Apply the concepts of Segmenting, targeting, and positioning to a brand
  • Develop and justify a marketing mix for a given target market.

Task 1 (400 words equivalent)

You have just been appointed as a marketing manager of a brand of your choice and realized that this brand has little or no consumer insights that will enable you to influence consumer behaviour to purchase your brand. Propose a plan to conduct marketing research to understand consumer needs / unmet needs of your brand’s target group of customers. Remember to include the evaluation of target consumer preferences to your brand’s key competitors. You will use the insight from this research to develop a unique value proposition (UVP) for your brand to win consumer preference in the market place. Relate your answer to at least two examples from brands of your choice.

Task 2 (400 words equivalent)

The Pandemic has led brand markets to enter the digital marketing arena to reach potential target consumers to grow their brands revenue and profit. You are requested to write a proposal recommending how you intend taking a brand of your choice to the digital arena. Select a brand and propose details of how you intend implementing digital marketing strategies and propose a detailed action plan to engage and convert prospects of your target group to become customers of your brand.

Task 3 (400 words equivalent)

Critically analyse the importance of the Marketing Audit as part of the marketing planning process. Relate examples from brands as art of your answer. Remember to refer to the three levels macro-environment, micro-environment and internal analysis in relation to a brand.

Task 4 (400 words equivalent)

Critically evaluate the statement that “advertising is important in building brands.” Select a brand of your choice and demonstrate how the marketer of the brand has utilised advertising, sales promotion, and public relations in building this brand. Refer to the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) and demonstrate how the marketers of the brand has implemented same with detailed brand marketing action implemented at each stage of the AIDA model. In addition, students must refer to the elements of the marketing communications mix and the need to integrate marketing communication across different media to achieve synergy.

Task 5 (400 words equivalent)

Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) is well known as the heart of marketing strategy. Critically evaluate this statement in relation to a brand of your choice and demonstrate how the concept of STP has been applied to the chosen brand and the results achieved in relation to revenue growth, and market share performance. Make sure to refer to your chosen brand’s key competitors’ performance in relation to your brand in your answer. Students are expected to visually demonstrate how the market has been segmented, which segments have been targeted and how the brand has been positioned (use a brand positioning map) in relation to the brands of key competitors.

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Table of Contents

Task 01
Plan to conduct marketing research
Unique Value proposition

Task 02
Goal of marketing plan
Marketing strategies
Action plan
Objectives of digital marketing plan

Task 03
Importance of marketing audit
Macro environment analysis
Micro environment analysis

Task 04
AIDA model

Task 05