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Project Proposal – Development and Manufacture of eco-friendly water proofing paint


Project proposal – Development and Manufacture of eco-friendly water proofing paint                                                   Word count 2099


Table of Contents

Company Highlights

Company Profile



Project Highlights

Project Objective

Background for the Project

Why water proofing paint

Market Analysis

Overall objectives

Specific objectives

Social and environment impact

Financial Highlights

Current Financials & Feasibility

Estimated Project Cost

Financial Forecast



Additional information


Company Highlights
Company Profile
Prasanna Chemical Industries (The Company) is a single owned business which is registered under the no: – W12257. The registered office of the company is situated at No: 10/9, Wendesi Watta, Wedamulla Road, Kelaniya. The company’s main operation is manufacturing and distributing “Preslite” paints. Preslite Paints was found in 1991 by the owner of the business. Preslite paint addresses the niche market which is not addressed by the major paint manufacturers in Sri Lanka. That is the middle economic market where the consumers need a good durable paint for low price. Preslite was able to address this opportunity, that they were success in maintaining their own paint brand even around the market giants such as dulux, multilac, nippolac etc.
Preslite paints offers tailor- made colors for their customers to choose from. They have the widest choice of paint colors in a range of finishes- mixed specially for cater different customer interests as well as needs in the price points they operate. The company also have a huge variety of products. Such as Emulsion, Gloss Finish (Enamel), Wall Filler, Joint Compound, Chinese Lacquer, Banner Paint, Blackboard Paints, Prescote, Anticorrosive Paints, Floor Paint Q/D, Sanding Sealer ,Polythene Varnish.
To provide high quality durable paints & related products at affordable cost to our teeming customers.
Preslite Paint Company will Formulate and Supply Custom Finishing Solutions for our Customer's Coating Requirements at an affordable price. We will Provide High Quality, Cost Effective, and Environmentally Compliant Products to Meet Their Needs and choices.