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The Ethical Issues confronting the Social Media


The Ethical Issues confronting the Social Media

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Social Media
The Normative Ethical Theories

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The ethics are a set of fundamental guidelines which is applicable for any society / organization / Industry. Ethics contain mostly a set of basic guidelines on what to do and what not to do. This report will access the ethical issues of the social medias, which matters to most of the users and analyze those issues using the normative theories of ethics. Finally, policy recommendations will be given for the addressed issues, concluding the report.

Social Media
The social media are the mass medias where the people communicate freely without borders. People use social media for many uses, varying from just to simply communication to marketing and even forming up terrorist groups. Social media is open for all and misusing it cannot be prohibited as of the numbers of users who use them. With the development of technology, this has drastically increased, so that there are hardly anybody who does not use them at all. The most popular social medias currently used are Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tiktok etc.
As usual, the business ethics should also be applied in this sector as well. But there are some instances, where those ethics create issues, where mostly the people are being ill-treated. Those will be discussed here, analyzing the effects of them.

The Normative Ethical Theories
The normative ethical theories lead the organization to figure out what is right or wrong. It enables the organize to adopt a stakeholder friendly environment at its business. There are four broad categories of ethical theory included are deontology, utilitarianism, rights, and virtues.

1. Deontology
Deontology is an obligation based theory. It focuses on the action rather than the consequences from it. The decisions taken according to deontology are based on duties or obligations.

2. Utilitarianism
Utilitarianism is focused on doing the least harm for the betterment of a large. The actions of Utilitarianism taken are based on the outcome of those actions.

3. Rights
In the ethical theory based on rights, it is believed that the rights established by society should be honored and followed. The priority is given to the pre-defined rights rather than the actions.

4. Virtues
In Virtues theory, the organization is judged by its nature and character rather than any actions that may be variant from the normal nature of the organization.