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Operational Management

  • Question 1 – “Any business that produces something, whether tangible or not, must have an operations activity” Do you agree with the above statement? Provide your justifications with appropriate examples.
  • Question 2 –  Operations management has always been associated with manufacturing activities, but in truth it can also be applied to the service sector. With appropriate examples, discuss TWO (2) major differences between service and manufacturing organizations.
  • Question 3 – Operational practices namely Total Quality Management (TQM) and Just-In-Time (JIT) are among operational practices that can be considered as an instrument to improve organizational performance. Discuss how JIT and TQM practices in both manufacturing and service industry individually and jointly impact organizational performance. Use credible sources to support your justifications or arguments and cite accordingly.
  • Question 4 – Organizations are facing serious challenges primarily due to market uncertainty, international competition and highly demand on product and services. Recently, Industry 4.0 is one of the initiatives proposed to deal with those challenges even though adoption of this initiative is not easy due to various difficulties related to technological adoption, data driven process and cultural behavior. Search for articles or journals related to Industry 4.0, Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management System. In 400 – 500 words, write a paper on how Industry 4.0 is affecting Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management Fields.

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