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Information systems project management

  • Kids at HOPE is an organization established with the view of inspiring, empowering, and transforming families, youth serving organizations (schools, parks and recreation departments, police and fire departments, etc.) and their entire connected communities to create an environment where all children experience success. The organization presently serves a member count of 500,000 students across the country.
  • Project: The project is to create an interactive and content rich website that supports students in their efforts to visualize their future by using the neuroscience concept of Time Traveler. The Time Traveler guides students in seeing and planning for the future and visualizing themselves in their desired professions / goals by the time that they are 18- 21 years.
  • Prepare a detailed project plan and a charter for the project including the following. Each section needs to be critically discussed.
  • Work Breakdown Structure, including the activity list, cost and time durations.
  • Required Human resource, equipment and materials at each stage of the WBS.
  • Gantt Chart/ Network diagram
  • Estimated Budget and analysis of profitability

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