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Critical analysis and evaluation of corporate governance, leadership, organization culture, performance and productivity of Amazon. (Case study & Report)


Critical analysis and evaluation of corporate governance, leadership, organization culture, performance and productivity of Amazon. (Case study & Report)

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Table of Contents

Executive summary

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Analysis

2.1 Sustainable leadership

2.2 Corporate governance

2.3 Organization culture

3.0 Conclusion

4.0 Recommendations


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Executive summary

This report extensively analysis the sustainable leadership, corporate governance and organizational culture of Amazon. Com. Amazon is a one of leading technology companies of the world and also a company which has higher aspirations towards sustainable development. Considering contest of amazon, there are positives and negatives regarding sustainable leadership, corporate governance and organization culture.
Key positives are its financial performances, contribution to CSR projects, quality of employee’s health and safety aspect and its dedication to optimize the delivery process, water consumption etc. However, considering sustainable development, there are issues such as massive energy consumption, environment degradation due to huge scale of packaging and generate carbon footprint through massive manufacturing and logistic operation. Instead of that, this report has highlighted key issues in corporate governance such as not revealing data related to energy consumption and strict control over employees’ right of expression. Toxic working culture is the key issue of organization culture.
As key recommendations, it is recommended to spend on R&D to introduce 100% recyclable, lightweight packaging to reduce the wastage and carbon footprint. Further, this report highlights requirement of introduce upgraded smarter design and technology to optimize the performances to minimize energy and water consumption. There need to be integrated plan which involve all the stakeholders to achieve sustainable goals. As a solution for working culture issue, management need to review company policies organization structure and performance appraisal mechanism and need to make necessary changes.

1.0 Introduction

The main objective of this report is to comprehensively analyze and evaluate the corporate governance, sustainable leadership, organization culture, performance and productivity of Inc. As a leading e commerce business in the world and one of the big five companies in US information technology, financially, Amazon has performed exceptionally well. However, sustainability is a key factor which is highly valued in current business environment. Profit is only one aspect of triple bottom line concept of sustainability. Company also needs to focus on other aspects which are people and planets. Considering sustainability, corporate governance and organization culture, prevailing issues are developed in Amazon. This report focuses on those issues and make recommendations to overcome those issues. Amazon has higher aspiration regarding corporate governance and sustainability. However, it is not possible to achieve those long term objectives, without finding reliable solutions for prevailing issues.