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International Business strategies for Frozen food suppliers in India and Sri Lanka


International Business strategies for Frozen food suppliers in India and Sri Lanka                                                           Word count 3873


Table of Contents

Executive summary.

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Macro environmental analysis for the two Asian countries

2.1 Macro Audit for India

2.1.1 A glimpse of the national business environment of India

2.1.2 Political environment

2.1.3 Economic environment

2.1.4 Social and cultural environment

2.1.5 Technological environment

2.1.6 International trends

2.1.7 Macro environmental opportunities and threats

2.2 Macro Audit for Sri Lanka

2.2.1 A glimpse of the national business environment of Sri Lanka

2.2.2 Political environment

2.2.3 Economical environment

2.2.4 Social and cultural environment

2.2.5 Technological environment

3.0 Recommending the most suitable country

4.0 Marketing mix strategies that could be adopted by Macoys

4.1 Product strategy

4.2 Pricing strategy

4.2.1 Price discounts and related promotions

4.2.2 Competitor pricing

4.3 Distribution strategy

4.4 Promotion

5.0 Conclusion


Additional information


Executive summary
Macoys is a leading frozen food supplier that has a good brand reputation globally. As part of their global expansion strategy, the company is evaluating Indian and Sri Lankan markets to mark their presence in South Asia. This report will analyze the macro environmental factors in both countries to understand the most suitable market that matches the product portfolio of the company. Both markets have its own advantages and disadvantages, the report has evaluated market size, competitiveness, ease of doing business, etc. to decide the ideal South Asian market to Macoys.
After analyzing both markets, the report will recommend the country which offers the best product-market fit with justification. The next section of the report will suggest the tactical marketing mix strategies to be successful in the identified market place. The report utilized large number of secondary data sources such as newspapers, text books, journals, websites, etc.
1.0 Introduction
The report intends to investigate a potential Asian market for the Macoys limited which is a leading frozen food supplier. Currently, they produce and market frozen cooked meals such as pasta, French fries, pizza, frozen vegetables, etc. in number of countries and the senior management wants to enter into another Asian country as part of their global expansion strategy. India and Sri Lanka have been selected for the analysis and based on the findings, the most suitable country will be recommended for the company. The South Asian region is largely different from any other region of the world. Even though the company has lot of experience in Europe and Middle East and USA, due to the unique social and cultural factors, South Asia may present some new set of challenges. Therefore, it’s really important to properly analyze the two destinations before deciding which country to step in. The social and cultural elements can be little similar in between Sri Lanka and India. However, other demographic, political, technological and economic factors can be largely different between the two destinations. Having identified the unique value proposition of Macoys Limited, the report will analyze the product-market fit for the both countries using a comprehensive macro environmental analysis. Based on the findings, a country will be recommended to launch their products and services along with a set of STP and marketing mix strategies which are vital to be successful within the identified foreign market.