Leading and Managing Organizational Resources – DRAX


Leading and Managing Organizational Resources – DRAX

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Critically analyze the potential challenges and opportunities for LMOR in introducing products and services adopting emerging technologies?

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Analysis and implication of emerging technologies at DRAX
2.1 Changing skills requirements
2.2 Capabilities and knowledge management
2.3 Operation management
2.4 Human resource management
2.5 Leadership
3.0 Recommendation
4.0 Conclusion


Executive summary

This study mainly focus on emerging technologies which currently disrupt many traditional businesses. DRAX is operating in security and fire detection sector. These new technologies can be threat to this kind of business which operate in traditional platform. However, it also create great opportunities if company use these new technologies effectively. This study mainly identify emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and big data are the most relevant for the company. Further, this study has identified new skills and capabilities that company need to develop. Further, knowledge management has become really important since these new technologies. There need to be strong leadership to transform the company to next level. Therefore, this study discuss about transformational leadership and qualities leadership should have to drive the changing process. Creativity leadership is really important to solve the issues throughout the process. Further, operation management aspect IT, strategy take part bigger role in operation strategy. This study discuss on compliance and IT policy changes. Finally, this study provide recommendations to drive employees to changing process and finance aspect of the project. Secondary data sources such as journal articles and industry related books are referred to conduct this study.

1.0 Introduction.

Today, businesses are operating completely different way due to rise of the digitalization. Modern technology causes to businesses in every industry to transform from traditional operational processes to new ways of doing things. This phase of industrial revolution called as “Industry 4.0” and this new era has made significant impact to all the industries, economies, professions and also the life style. Artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things (IoT), machine learnings, clouds and many other technologies are playing significant role in this era. This enable to gather data from many different sources and analyze them through different perspectives to provide more flexible and efficient service to the customers for reasonable cost (Scalabre, 2017). Therefore, managing organizational resources and develop them according to business environment is key to success in current business environment.
This study is evaluating about the leadership and management of the organizational resources of DRAX (UK). DRAX is a UK company which operates in technical service industry. There are two entities called DRAX services and DRAX technology. DRAX services provide independent maintenance and specially provide security advice. Company deliver fire alarm maintenance, fire risk assessment and fire alarm systems all over the UK. DRAX technology provides integrated fire protection services and alarm management solutions. Company’s hardware and software enable firms to manage alarms from different manufactures and facilitating one alarm management solution. This is comparatively traditional industry however modern technology has been impacted to this industry too. Firm has been lost its market share in recent past due to company is based on 20 years old platform. Therefore, DRAX need to transform from tradition platform to the new platform which effectively use modern technology.