Personal Development Plan


Personal Development Plan

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Table of Contents
1.0. Introduction/Overview
0.2.Current Situation
3.0. Self SWOT Analysis
4.0 Skills Analysis – based on common managerial Competencies
4.1.Supervising Others
4.2. Conflict Resolution
4.3. Emotional Intelligence
4.4. Communication Skills
4.5. Manage Performance
4.6. Interviewing Skills
4.7. Team Building
4.8. Delegation
4.9. Change Agent
4.10. Coaching
4.11. Problem Solving
4.12. Motivating
4.13. Leadership
4.14. Achievement Orientation
4.15. Customer Focus
4.16. Strategic Thinking
4.17. Skills
5.0 Goal Settings and Objectives
6.0. Individual development plan
7.0. Activity Plan
8.0 Professional Development Planning Steps

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Executive summary

The primary objective of this assignment is to create a professional development plan to understand my leadership skills, career aspirations and areas of key development analyses are the effect of my tasks and presents, personal, professional situations, how they relate to the development of myself as a leader. There is a projection of what I would like to achieve than of action-reflection of strengths and weaknesses.

1.0 Introduction/Overview

This report is about the professional development plan for evaluation of current skills and development. A Professional Development Plan (PDP) takes a few focused names in different individuals giving names such as Employee Development Plan and Individual Developments, where a person creates a plan to achieve goals and objectives as a part from their personal development within a set time. A PDP takes a deeper look into person’s career at a professional level identifying areas that require more attention in achieving set goals and objectives. These goals and objectives could be short term, mid-term and long-term. Ideally, short term goals can be accomplished in less than a year supporting you in achieving midterm goals which are usually accomplished within 3 to 5 years. Where Long term goals takes over a period of 10 years or more and taking a life time commitment from the overall goals set.
As a PDP is written to develop an individual’s professional approach to life, it is imperative that employees in any organization create a PDP at a minimum when they join an organization. As a successful career does not take place by itself in a person’s life, and having a PDP or creating a PDP will focus on a person’s weaknesses and identifying special abilities by giving clarity to achieve set career goals within a set period of time. A PDP also facilitates in identifying a person’s current position, the time period required and the ultimate goal being achieved. This also brings awareness of personal likes and dislikes, approach, personality changes, experiences and the overall strengths and skills required be competent in a chosen career.
The development stages of a PDP should also focus on articulating a Vision statement to give further focus to the individual’s current career plan and or securing the career that they envisioned by the goals set. An individual creating a PDP should always review their set goals periodically to keep track of the progress and the amount of progress being made on set goals and objectives. They also should keep abreast with modern technologies and tools that will facilitate their journey and reward themselves from time to time based on accomplishments, to motivate themselves.