Leading responsible change management practice


Leading responsible change management practice

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You are required to produce a 4000-word report on leading responsible change management practice in a
chosen case study organisation. If you choose your own organisation, please anonymise the case.
The selected change management practice (case study) must be a contemporary issue that a leader or manager
can address practically.
You should use the tools, theories and frameworks covered in the module to frame your analyses and
provide recommendations to lead and enhance responsible change management practice in your chosen

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Company background
1.2. Change
1.3. Implication of change

2. Literature Review
2.1. Change management
2.2. Customer service and satisfaction
2.3. Resistance to change
2.4. Data security

3. Analysis
3.1. Bullock & Batten planned change
3.2. Lewin’s change model

4. Discussion
4.1. Reasons for resisting change
4.2. Overcoming resistance to change
4.3. Role of the leader in sustaining change

5. Recommendation
5.1. What went wrong
5.2. Methods to overcome the issues
5.3. Conclusion

6. References


1. Introduction

1.1. Company background
ABC Campus (ABC) is a University Grants Commission approved private university in Sri Lanka. Established in 2015, the main activity of ABC is providing secondary education to its students. ABC is a fully pledged campus which is focused on research and provides both local and foreign research opportunities to its students. The campus has an experienced and skilled set of lecturers who work towards providing their best service to the students. The campus has been awarded with many awards both national and international levels. The courses offered are accredited by many international universities which has enabled ABC to be among the leading private universities in Sri Lanka.
The management of ABC is conducted by a panel of professors and educationists who are industry experts in their relevant fields. ABC has five schools under their wing which offers a range of educational opportunities including management, music, arts, business technology, information technology, engineering, IT & computing etc.

1.2. Change
ABC began its operations in 2015 with minimum resources. The student management system (SMS) used was a system developed by a local vendor. However, when the university grew, the system stayed the same until 2021, where the system was unable to cater to the number of students the university has recruited. Due to this reason, a customized Enterprise Resources Planning System (ERP) was implemented. This ERP system was a comprehensive solution for all the areas from student management, lecture scheduling to financial statement preparation. This was bought from an Indian company and the implementation was conducted and ABC immediately dropped the previous system and migrated to the new system.

1.3. Implication of change
At the initial stages of system evaluations, the new system “Creatrix” was selected given the facilities it had. However, once the implementation was completed, the management were aware of few issues in the system which led the organization into below problems.
• Students getting penalized due to incorrect information
Creatrix supported an inbuilt intranet where the students can log in and review various activities of them like the academic lecture note taking, checking on exam results, making payments, payment inquiries etc. However due to a data linking issue, the migrated data from the previous system was wrong where the information shown to the students were wrong. Thus, the information shown to the students were inaccurate, where the students were penalized due to this implementation issue.