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Marketing Management – Hatton National Bank


Marketing Management – Hatton National Bank

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Prepare a marketing audit covering the following topics which should be presented to the board of Directors. The strategic marketing audit must consider current and likely future challenges for the chosen organization and include the flowing tools.
 Macro environment Analysis – PESTEEL
 Situational Analysis – SOWT/ TOWS matrix. Key issues, CSF’s
 Micro environment analysis – Porters 5 forces, stakeholder analysis, competitor analysis
 Internal environment analysis – Cultural web, McKenzie’s 7 S’s, Portfolio Analysis tools, value chain analysis, brand analysis, core competencies

Using a marketing planning framework of your choice, prepare a medium term strategic marketing plan and present it to the board of directors by including the following areas
 Strategic intent (Vision/ Mission and Values)
 Marketing objectives
 Market segmentation – STP
 Marketing Strategy – Ansoff’s Matrix, Generic strategies, branding strategy, competitive advantage
 Tactics – 7 Ps, Organizational structure
 Actions & Control – Balance score card, Budgets, Schedules

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.0 Marketing Audit
1.1 Macro environmental analysis
1.1.2 PESTEL
1.2 Situational analysis.
1.2.1 SWOT/ TOWS matrix
1.2.2 Critical success factors (CSF)
1.3 Micro environmental analysis
1.3.1 Porter’s five forces analysis
1.3.2 Stakeholder analysis
1.3.3 Competitor analysis
1.4 Internal environment analysis
1.4.1 Core competencies
1.4.2 Portfolio analysis
2.0 Strategic marketing plan
2.1 Strategic intent
2.2 Marketing objectives
2.3 Market segmentation
2.3.1 Segmentation
2.3.2 Targeting
2.3.3 Positioning
2.4 Marketing strategy
2.4.1 Generic strategies
2.4 2 Ansoff’s matrix
2.4.3 Branding strategy
2.5 Tactics
2.5.1 Marketing mix
2.5.2 Organization structure
2.6 Action and control
2.6.1 Balance scorecard
2.6.2 Action plan



Hatton National Bank (HNB) is one of the leading commercial banks in the Sri Lanka which operates since 1888. Currently, HNB provides banking services such as personal banking, international banking, corporate banking, treasury, project financial etc. Fitch Rating Lanka ranks national long term rating of the bank as AA- (lka) with stable outlook. HNB has wide geographical coverage island wide including 252 branches. More than 4,900 employees work in the bank. Currently, many banks transform to the digital platform and HNB is one of the bank of Sri Lanka which introduce digital banking for mass market. The objective of this report is to develop a strategic marketing plan for HNB. This report includes two parts; marketing audit and strategic marketing plan.