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Re-launching Lion Ginger Beer


Re-launching Lion Ginger Beer

15 slides presentation


Introduction & Current Market Situation

Situation Analysis

Key Findings of the Market and Internal Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Current Competitive Position

Importance of Integrated Market Functions

Importance of Re-launching the brand

Brand Repositioning

New Segmentation for the re-launch

Brief Marketing Plan for the Re-launch

Brief Digital Marketing Strategy


Additional information


Introduction & Current Market Situation

Lion Ginger Beer was introduced to the Sri Lankan market by Coca-Cola Company. Ginger Beer is a naturally sweetened carbonated non-alcoholic beverage with the taste of ginger.
When Coca-Cola introduced the product, the Sri Lankan market was dominated by Elephant House Ginger Beer and Ole Ginger Beer
Today, Elephant House can be viewed as the ‘market leader’ and Ole is playing the role of ‘challenger’ whilst Lion has become a mere ‘follower’ within the Ginger Beer market
The performance of Lion Ginger Beer has been poor due to the slow expansion and low product awareness. Therefore the product can be viewed as a ‘Question Mark’ according to the BCG matrix