Marketing Strategy – INSEE Cement


Marketing Strategy – INSEE cement

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1.0 Introduction to INSEE Cement and its Current Market Position
2.0 Situational Analysis
2.1 PESTEL Analysis for INSEE
2.2 Key Stake holder Analysis for INSEE
2.3 Competitor Analysis for INSEE
2.4 Marketing Audit
2.5 SWOT Analysis for INSEE
3.0 Marketing objectives
4.0 Development of a Marketing Strategy
4.1 The Competitive Marketing Strategy
4.2 Market Segmentation & Targeting
4.3 Positioning
4.4 Branding
4.5 Marketing Mix Strategies
5.0 Promotion Strategy
5.1 Objectives:
5.2 Push-based Communication Strategies
5.3 Profile-based Communication Strategies
5.4 Distribution Strategy
6.0 Marketing Plan execution schedule
7.0 Marketing Budget
8.0 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
9.0 Assumptions made
10.0 Possible Challenges when Implementing the Proposed Strategic Marketing Plan


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01 Introduction to INSEE Cement and its Current Market Position

Siam City Cement (Lanka) limited (SCCL) or INSEE Cement is a fully owned subsidiary of Siam City Public Company Limited (SCCC) a leading cement producer in South Asia in Thailand. Siam City Cement (Lanka) limited manufacturers branded cement like INSEE Sanstha Cement, Mahaweli Marine cement, Mahaweli Marine cement, INSEE Rapid Flow cement and Rapid Flow Plus cement and INSEE Extra cement. SCCL is the only manufacturer with a fully integrated plants in Sri Lanka. The parent company manufactures branded cement, building aggregates and mix concrete and solutions to regional marketplaces such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka.
SCCL, is country’s sole cement manufacture, operating with three production facilities in Galle, Puttalam and Colombo. Galle plant is the a fully integrated cement manufacturing plant in which is the only cement manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka where Clinker is being produced in house and Galle plant which is a grinding plant offers cement with high strength and quality to the market.
Siam City Cement (Lanka) limited (SCCL) or INSEE Cement had been operating in Sri Lanka as the leader in the Sri Lankan cement industry with two grinding plants and one fully integrated plant. This marketing plan has been developed SCCL to increase the market share and sales in Hambantota region through penetration and to assess the plan of gaining the brand. INSEE has not taken advantage of its stability in the local market to ensure a strong market share in this area. Currently Tokyo Cement is leading this market with significant revenues.
This Strategic Marketing Plan will mainly focus increasing the INSEE market share in Hambantota region through expanding the Galle Plant in order to serve to the demand in this region. As this is mid-2018, this plan will span through a period of 02 and half years, at the end 2020 the company will achieve the objectives given below in Hambantota region.
 45% market share in the region.
 Achieve a sales target of 0.5 million tons of cement in the region.
Until the above marketing objectives are achieved the products will be sold at marginal prices in order to cut out the competition. The company has a strong financial base to back this strategy.
INSEE Cement is the current market leader of the Sri Lankan cement industry for more than fifteen years with a market share of 38%. However the competition has been increasing over the years and Tokyo Cement has reached to the second market leader with a market share of 30%. Currently Tokyo is the main cement provider of Hambantota region. Hence, it is necessary for INSEE come up with new marketing strategy to increase its share in these to regions which will be discussed in the report.