Operation Management – Garment Industry


Operation Management – Garment Industry

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1.) Describe the importance of operations management to the organization. Justify your answer with adequate evidences from the organization.( 12 marks)

2.) Critically assess the following critical areas of operations. Highlight weaknesses of the current system and recommend improvements. (18 marks)
a. Product Design Process
b. Process Design Process
c. Facility Location
d. Layout of operations
e. Capacity Management
f. Forecasting

3.) Write short notes to the following with appropriate examples (30 marks)
a. Cohesiveness of supply chain management for smooth operations
b. Sound quality management framework for cost reduction in operations
c. Appropriate Total innovation management (TIM) for product and process innovations
d. Effective Inventory management for uninterrupted operations
e. Sound Customer service management for customer retention
f. Linear programming for optimizations of resources

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Describe the importance of operations management to the organization.

Star Garment can be recognized as a well-established company in the fashion apparel sector and they have experience in a broad range of product categories like men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, knits, and intimate apparel products. Star is an excellent apparel sourcing, designing, and manufacturing company. Currently, the organization provides expert, seamless, execution in product development. Onetime delivery, technical innovation, and personal customer service are the key aspect of the company, which enabled them to provide high-quality products to the customer.
Critical areas of operations, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvements.
a. Product Design Process- The product design process is very important for a garment sector company as it is a critical success factor for any of the apparel sector companies. Considering the product design process of Star Garments is based on transforming ideas into products, which is driven, by innovative ideas, sustainability practices, collaboration with stakeholders, and commitment to quality. Accordingly, the company always brings new ideas and the latest trends to the product designing process and tries to capture emerging trends in the market.
The product design process of the company is considered the heart of the operation and therefore, currently more than 70,000 square foot has been allocated to the innovation center of the company where the new ideas are converted into products. This resource is comprised of a print library, sample room, pattern design facilities, and the latest design facilities. A key aspect of the organization is that they collaboratively work with the customers to design goods products. The weakness of the segment is that the company does not have a proper method to keep highly talented, competent fashion designers with the company. Therefore, it is necessary to implement a proper mechanism to retain high-caliber staff within the firm.