Personal Development Plan


Personal development plan

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Executive summary

1.0 Introduction

2.0 The essential characteristics of good leader

3.0 An analysis of leadership strengths and weaknesses

3.1 Strengths

3.2 Weaknesses

4.0 Plan for developing leadership skills

5.0 Conclusion


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Executive summary

Today, businesses are changing at a rapid speed and this has presented some new set of challenges issues for all the business leaders and entrepreneurs. Therefore business leaders and entrepreneurs need to develop some essential skills and competencies to sustain competitively. Leadership is key among those skills and competencies. This report is discussed about essential leadership skills which every good leader should have to achieve their future goals. First it is conducted self-assessment test to identify strengths and weaknesses of myself. Then it is developed personal development plan to rectify the weaknesses. Further this is developed detail action plans under the each development goals including specific time frame to achieve the specific target. This personal development plan will support me to develop my leadership skills and entrepreneurial capabilities. Further objective of this study is to gain required skills and competencies to achieve my future goals within 10 years.

1.0 Introduction

Currently I am in distribution business and I manage a distribution agency for Prima Group. This agency distribute prima products form Colombo to Pitipana and from Negombo to Divulapitiya. Prima Group is pioneer in flour milling in Sri Lanka and Prima Group has many FMCG brands. As a distribution agency, we need to manage all the storage and logistic facilities within the distribution areas. As a managing director of the business, I need to work with different kind of people such as manager, executive employees, workers and drivers. There are totally around 30 employees and workers. Long term objective of the business is to expand the distribution area to western province within 10 years’ time. I need to develop the certain skills and competencies to achieve this target. Therefore the objective of this report is to develop personal development plan to develop my leadership skills.
As concepts there are many leadership styles such as transformational leadership style, charismatic leadership style and visionary leadership style etc. However commonly characteristic such as dedication, communication skills, empathy, risk management, strategic thinking, conflict management and negotiation, team work, problem solving skills have been identified as essential characteristics of good leaders. I need to identify the strength areas and weakness areas of those characteristics and need to develop the personal development plan to rectify the weaknesses areas.