Strategic Human Resource Management of Hemas Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd


Strategic Human Resource Management of Hemas Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd

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Importance and purpose of strategic human resource management in an organization
Human resources requirements
Human resource policy.
Purpose of human resource management policies
Recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the HRM

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Hemas Hospitals pvt Ltd is one of subsidiary of Hemas Holdings. This study will be discussed the human resource polices and human resource strategy of the Hemas Hospitals. Mainly this will discuss the importance and purpose of strategic Human resource management and evaluate how it contribute to company objectives. Further mainly this will develop human resource management plan for the organization and assess the human resource requirements. Further this is analysis the requirement of human resource policies of the organization and impact of organizational structure and culture on the management of the human resources. In hospital, human resources is the most valuable asset and there are number of employees work there in different positions. Secondary information such as industry related books, journal articles have been used to conduct this study.

Importance and purpose of strategic human resource management in an organization

Human Resource Management (HRM) is considered with every aspects of how staff members are employed and managed in organizations. This covers activities and areas such as strategic HRM, knowledge management, human capital management, resourcing, recruiting, talent management, training and development, performance and reward management, employee relations etc. (Armstrong, 2012)
Strategic HRM is an approach that defines how the company’s objectives will be achieved through management by means of HR strategies, HR policies and practices. The concept of strategic HRM is based on the belief that HR strategies should be combined with corporate or business strategies (Armstrong, 2012).
According to Storey (2009), HR policies and practices influence to employees’ attitude and behavior which will impact on service offerings and customer perception of value. Therefore good HRM practices are positively impacted to the development and growth of the organization. Further it promote the culture of the organization. Further in a company which is driven by human assets such as hospitals, it is highly important to have HRM strategy to provide better service to customers.