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Project Management Organization


Project Management Organization

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Project management organization (PMO)
Principles and techniques required for the project management
Quality plan for the project
Skills required to project management
Importance of the leadership and teamwork
Associated risk with projects and contingency plan
Role of management and leadership in changing organizational model

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Table of Contents

1.0 Project management organization (PMO)
2.0 Principles and techniques required for the project management
2.1 Project methodology
2.2 Manage the project perspective
2.2.1 Critical Path Analysis (CPA)
2.2.2 Gantt chart
2.2.3 Work breakdown structure (WBS)
3.0 Quality plan for the project
3.1 Customer satisfaction
3.2 Prevention over inspection
3.3 Continuous improvement
4. 0 Skills required to project management
5.0 Importance of the leadership and teamwork
5.1 Role of the leadership
5.2 Importance of team work
6.0 Associated risk with projects and contingency plan
6.1 Mitigate the associate risk
7.0 Role of management and leadership in changing organizational model



John Keells Holdings (JKH) is one of leading conglomerates in Sri Lanka which operates in many sectors. John Keells Office Automation (JKOA) is one of subsidiary of JKH which provide information technology solution to the businesses. JKOH has partnership with world famous brand such as SAP, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, Asus, Lava and many more other information technology brands. JKOA provides range of products to customers such as ERP systems, laptops, digital copiers, mobile phones, tablets, multifunctional printers, multimedia projectors, large format displays, wide format scanners, 3D printers and many other products from world renowned brands. JKOA is operating in this business since 1994 and company has worked with many cooperate clients.
Company has decided to implement the Project Management Organization (PMO) concept throughout the company. Project Management Organization (PMO) means an organizational group responsible for coordinating the project management function via the organization. JKOA conduct projects for SAP implementation. Other office automation operations are not conducted as special project. Currently business development managers are responsible for conduct the operation for clients. However now management decide to conduct every job as a project. In these projects mainly company provide office automation solution, compromise product portfolio and fix the products and many other operation. Another main operation of the company is the maintenance of the products. According to agreement with clients, company has responsible for maintenance of the machines. Thus most of the clients contact the company for the maintenance that clients couldn’t fix by their internal maintenance function. However it’s not easy to track all the machines in the clients’ places. This is mainly because of JKHO provide similar kind of products to one customers and doesn’t having proper records of maintenance that was done time to time. Further there are only manual records on some old hardware. This cause to raise difficulties in the process of troubleshooting and fixing the issues and increase the overhead cost.
Therefore JKOA decided to commence a separate project to prevent these problems. This project has two main aspects. One thing is the barcode system which carries all the hardware information and other thing is online mobile software application to acquire information from the barcoded hardware. These information such as efficiency, performance of the machines, maintenance updates time to time once maintenance are done. This project is completely financed by JKOH
and project will be designed, implemented and monitored by a project manager and his project team. Further technicians who visits clients’ sites to troubleshoot and fix issues need to directly involve to the project. JKOH need the support of its stakeholders such as management, employees and clients to make the project success.