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Project management – ICC World Cricket Tournament


Project management – ICC World Cricket Tournament

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1. With regards to event – the ICC World Cricket tournament identify and elaborate
a. The processes from PMBOK or PRINCE 2 that you would use to assist with stakeholder expectation management
b. The key stakeholders for this event by conducting a stakeholder analysis using the power/interest grid.

2. Elaborate the following terms in the context of the event (the ICC World Cricket tournament): (out of 7.5 marks)

a. Voice of the Customer (VOC)
b. Critical to Customer Requirements (CCR)
c. Critical to Quality (CTQ)

3. Identify and elaborate processes from Organizational Project Management (OPM), Agile Practices, Lean Practices and Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology.

4. Describe the Critical Success Factors (CSF) needed to be in place within the implementing organisation to achieve successful implementation of LPM

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Stakeholder Management process
2.1 Identify stakeholders
2.2 Plan stakeholder engagement
2.3 Manage stakeholder engagement
2.4 Monitor stakeholder engagement
3.0 Stakeholder analysis
4.0 Customers and quality aspect
4.1 Voice of the customer (VOC)
4.2 Critical to Customer Requirements (CCR)
4.3 Critical to quality (CTQ)
5.0 Lean project management
5.1 Agile practices
5.2 Organizational project management
5.3 Lean practices
5.4 Lean Six sigma – DMAIC methodology
6.0 Critical success factors (CSF)
7.0 Conclusion


1.0 Introduction

ICC ODI cricket world cup will be held in 2022. This time event will be hosted by India. As planned, tournament will be held in six major stadium in six major cities. The main objective of this report is to implement lean project management process for the event and stakeholder management process. This is a project that involve many different internal and external stakeholders. This is the first time after 10 years major ICC event going to be held in subcontinent. Therefore, different cultural and social aspects also affect to this project. In this report, PMBOK process is used to explain the stakeholder management process and identify the stakeholders’ needs and expectations. It is highly important to conduct stakeholder analysis prior to the project based on power and interest level of stakeholders. The stakeholder management process should start as soon as possible to increase the chance of success of the project. This report comprehensively analyze the possibility of using lean project management practices such as agile practices, lean practices, lean six sigma DMAIC methodology etc. to success of the project. Further, this report explain the differences of each processes. Critical Success factors (CSF) also need to be discussed which needed to be in place to achieve the successful implementation of the lean project management practices.

2.0 Stakeholder Management process

This report suggest using PMBOK process to stakeholder management. There are four key steps that organizing committee need to follow to stakeholder management. There are inputs, tools & techniques and outputs for each step to conduct the project.

2.1 Identify stakeholders

Considering world cup campaign, in this project, stakeholder identify process need to be conducted by analyzing and documenting relevant information regarding stakeholders’ interest, influence, involvement to the project success. Identifying stakeholders is not a difficult task in this project since organizing committee can study previous cricket world cup campaigns Inputs, tools and techniques and output of this part is illustrated below table.