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Project Management Theories and Practices


Project Management Theories and Practices

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1. Critically evaluate the importance of the project to corporate strategy of the organization.
2. Preparation of SOW and WBS appropriately.
3. Gantt Chart with appropriate details. Critical identification of reasonable time duration, including appropriate buffer in estimates, completeness of Gann Chart, effective use of resources and marking milestones are main concerns for marking.
4. Critical preparation of project budget and cost distribution plan. Use of EST for accurate cost planning is a key concern.
5. Critical preparation of a sound quality management plan. Use appropriate of Quality Planning, Quality Assuring and Quality Controlling techniques.
6. Preparation of Risk Management plan. Identification, assess and mitigation plan for identified risks with required detail level.
7. Preparation of a strong communication plan to ensure smooth functioning of the project. And also the coverage of stakeholder in the communication plan.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Feasibility of the project to the organization
3.0 Statement of Work (SOW) and Work Breakdown structure (WBS)
3.1 Statement of Work (SOW)
3.2 Word Breakdown structure (WBS)
4.0 Gantt chart of the project
5.0 Budget and cost distribution plan
6.0 Quality management plan
7.0 Risk management plan
8.0 Communication plan
9.0 Conclusion


Executive Summary
The objective of this study is that to comprehensively evaluate the project that Hemas Pharmaceuticals plan to conduct. Hemas Pharmaceuticals import medical equipment and machines
instead of supply medicines. This project is initiated to develop customer development system to track the machines and equipment which come under different maintenance criteria. Time, quality and cost aspects of the project has been analyzed in this study via project management tools such as work breakdown structure, Statement of work, Gantt chart, budget estimation and quality management techniques. Further, this study explains the feasibility of the project and communication plan of the project team. Key risks of the projects have been identified by
providing suitable risk mitigation action plan. Therefore, management and any stakeholder can get clear idea about this project through this report.

1.0 Introduction

In current dynamic and competitive environment, firms mainly focus on project management to conduct company’s operational activities. Project management process will be extensively
discussed in this report. One of critical project of Hemas Pharmaceutical (pvt) Ltd has been selected to analyze the project management process. Hemas Pharmaceuticals is the one of
prominent company in pharmaceutical sector of Sri Lanka. Currently, Hemas Pharmaceuticals acquire the highest market share in the industry. The company import medicines and medical
instruments and machines to the country. Hemas Pharmaceuticals’ main operation is that to distribute medicines, medical instruments and machines throughout the country. Company set
certain machines in state, private hospitals and various medical institutes throughout the country.
Company need to conduct maintenance of machines when clients required according to agreement between two parties. However, according to agreements and the machines, there are different
maintenance requirements and time frames. Therefore, certain medical equipment and machines are not covered by maintenance agreement until certain time period. However, currently, company does not have proper mechanism to track these machines established in customers’ places. Company work with many different clients throughout the country from long time and different principals in worldwide. Different products from different principals have different maintenance requirements. Since company doesn’t have centralized process to track machines, many issues have been raised. Maintenance officers of Hemas need to identify the machines physically which come under specific maintenance agreement. Sometimes, they need to conduct maintenance for equipment and machines which are asked by customers since doesn’t have proper records. Furthermore, company only has manual records related to old equipment and machines. This lead to create confusion and conflicts between company and clients. Therefore,
company need to spend additional cost and effort in the process of maintenance.
Company has initiated a project to establish mechanism to track the machines and keep the records of machines. Company plans to in place barcode system which contain all the relevant information of machines and develop a mobile application to read the information from the barcode tagged machines. Hemas Pharmaceuticals plans to complete this project within 90 days. Company provides all required funds and resources to the product. Appointed project manager and project team has main responsibility to conduct the project. technicians who visit clients’ sites have main role to play in this project. Further, support of the stakeholders such as management, IT team, finance team, service providers and clients is required for successful project implementation.