Strategic Marketing – 3 year Marketing Plan – Amanté


Strategic Marketing – 3 year marketing plan – Amanté

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1.0 Company Background
1.1 TOWS Matrix
2.0 Where are we now?
2.1 PESTEL Analysis
2.2 Porters Five Forces
2.3 Competitor Capability Analysis
2.4 Mendelow’s matrix
2.5 Customer Analysis
2.6 Cultural web
2.7 Porters Value Chain
2.8 Resource Based View of Strategy
2.9 Brand Strength
2.10 Justified conclusion of creative thinking
3.0 Where do we want to be?
3.1 Components of Mission
3.2 Review of Corporate objectives & Proposed Marketing objectives
3.3 Segmentation
3.4 Targeting
3.5 Positioning
4.0 Which way is Best?
4.1 Business Strategy
4.2 Growth Strategy
4.3 Ansoffs Matrix
4.4 Impact of Strategies on Creative thinking
4.5 Strategy to improve creativity
4.6 Use of Technology
4.7 Quality Control
5.0 How might we get there?
5.1 Marketing Mix
5.2 7S Framework
5.3 Time & Action Plan
6.0 How to Ensure Arrival?
6.1 Critical Success Factors
6.2 Balanced Score Card
6.3 Deming’s Cycle
6.4 Benchmarking
6.5 Contingency Planning

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Amante which was launched in 2007 is Sri Lanka’s very first international lingerie brand. Being a fully owned subsidiary of MAS Holdings Private Limited, Amante embodies two decades of excellence by MAS in this specialized field. MAS Holdings is south Asia’s largest supplier of niche market intimate wear, manufacturing lingerie for well-known international brands like Victoria’s Secret, LaSenza, Calvin Klein, Soma etc. It’s the largest non-listed conglomerate in Sri Lanka in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover exceeding USD 1 Billion. Amante generates an annual revenue of USD 10.5 Million and employs a workforce of 800 (Approximately), out of the group workforce of 57,000.