Strategic Planning for Sampath Bank


Strategic Planning for Sampath Bank

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  • Explain the importance of external factors affecting an organization
  • Analyze the needs and expectations of stakeholders of an organization
  • Analyze the major changes taking place in the external environment that will affect strategy
  • Use appropriate tools to analyze the effects of current business plans
  • Review the position of an organization in its current market
  • Evaluate the competitive strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s current business strategies
  • Use modelling tools to develop strategic options for an organization idea
  • Develop a comparative understanding of activity from organizations in the market
  • Create options to form the basis of future organizational strategy
  • Propose a suitable structure for a strategy plan that ensures appropriate participation from all stakeholders of an organization
  • Develop criteria for reviewing potential options for a strategy plan
  • Construct an agreed strategy plan that includes resource implications
  • Compare core organizational values (ethical, cultural, environmental, social and business) with the current business objectives of an organization
  • Develop appropriate vision and mission statements for an organization
  • Produce agreed future management objectives for an organization
  • Develop measures for evaluating a strategy plan
  • Develop a schedule for implementing a strategy plan in an organization
  • Create appropriate dissemination processes to gain commitment from stakeholders in an organization
  • Design monitoring and evaluation systems for the implementation of a strategy plan in an organization

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Table of Contents

Executive summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Vision, Mission and value statement of Sampath Bank
2.1 Identified gap in vision, mission and value statement
3.0 Current strategic position of Sampath Bank
4.0 Environment analysis
4.1 Macro environment factors
4.2 Industry analysis based on Porter’s five forces
4.3 Stakeholders of Sampath Bank
4.4 SWOT analysis
4.5 Key success factors
5.0 Strategic options
5.1 Strategic changes
6.0 Strategic implementation
7.0 Conclusion

Executive summary

Currently business environment is changing rapidly and organization need to examine their strategies to identify whether they competitive enough to face the current changing business environment. Herewith discuss the Samapth bank business strategy to identify the required changes of strategy to achieve competitive advantage.

1.0 Introduction

Sampath Bank PLC is one of prominent commercial bank in Sri Lanka which operates since 1986. Fitch Ratting Lanka Limited has declared national long term rating of A+ with negative outlook for Sampath Bank. Sampath bank is involved in personal banking, corporate banking, international banking, treasury, project financing and etc. Currently Sampath Bank has 229 branches all over the Sri Lanka.
However currently banking industry rapidly transform to the e banking and international banks which operates in Sri Lanka now use digital facilities lot to offer better service to customers. Customer behaviors and their life style have also drastically changed. Internet penetration of Sri Lanka has significantly increased therefore Sampath Bank should change the strategy according to the current environment. This report comprehensively analysis the strategy development process of the Sampath Bank. This report further identify the changes need to do to current business and operation strategy.