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Unsuccessful government project in Sri Lanka


Unsuccessful government project in Sri Lanka

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1.0 Introduction

2.0 Reasons for failures
2.1 Is that the right place and time for the Airport?
2.2 Huge financial cost of the project
2.3 Unstable policy on development of airport
2.4 Possible accidents

3.0 Suggestions to get expected results from the project
3.1 Joint venture with India to develop MRIA
3.2 Develop MRIA as a training center
3.3 Develop domestic aviation operation in Mattala
3.4 Develop commercial industries in Hambantota

4.0 Conclusion

Additional information


1.0 Introduction

Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) the second international airport of Sri Lanka. Government economic policy was based on mainly five elements and develop Sri Lanka as aviation hub was one of five elements. The objective of build a new airport in Mattala as alternative aerodrome to Bandaranayaka International Airport was to align to this strategy. Under the previous government, there were huge investments on infrastructure developments in Hambantota parallel to Mattala International Airport such as Hambantota port, International Conventional Hall, Sport complex, road development and etc. the government’s intention was to develop Hambantota district as second commercial city however some economist and politicians argue that Hambantota development was mainly based political agenda and not clear strategic and economic vision.
Mattala International Airport was inaugurated in 2013 and it is located 26Km away from Hambantota town and port. Government expected to expand the local aviation industry through this airport and while being a catalyst for Sri Lanka economic development enhancing tourism, international trade, employment and vocational training. Total investment of MRIS first phase is US$ 209 million and US$ 190 million was provided by Chinese government through the Exim Bank of China. Construction was started in 2009 and completed on 2012. Pakistan Civil Aviation authority and Hawker Beechcraft B200 King Air were the first aircraft landed to new airport as test run. Instead of Sri Lankan airline, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai started operation in Mattala Airport initially. The passenger terminal of MRIS cover 10,000 m2 and ability handle 1 million passenger per year. Airport has a single runway 3500 m long. Therefore MRIA has ability to receiving the world largest passenger aircraft such as A380. The airport cargo facility occupies 1000 m2 and it has ability to handle 50,000 ton of freight per year. Further air traffic control tower stand at a height of 35m. Further terminal has medical center, restaurant and a lounge for the business class passengers. In 2014, a fuel hydrant system and an aircraft refueling terminal were completed in Mattala airport. Totally 2000 hectares have been reserved for this project and 800 hectares have been currently used for the first stage of the project. In the beginning, 550 employees worked in the airport (Civil Aviation Authority, 2016).
Performance of the MRIA of last few years have been shown below table.