Business plan for natural food supplement


Business plan for natural food supplement

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Table of Contents
1.0 Elevator pitch
2.0 Business objective
3.0 Identified Customers’ needs and problems
3.1 Target markets
3.2 Market size and growth
4.0 The product/ service
4.1 Outline of the product and how it meets the identified needs
4.2 How does this work
4.3 Key features of the product
5.0 Alternatives and competitors
5.1 Porter’s five forces theory for “Natural Energy”
5.2 Unique selling point (USP)
6.0 Market entry/ supply chain
6.1 Marketing strategy
6.2 Advertising strategy
6.3 Supply chain
6.4 Long term plans
7.0 Financial outlook
7.1 Financial ratios

Additional information


1.0 Elevator pitch

Is anyone interesting on food supplement with zero side effects? “Natural Energy is the product which you looking for.
Today, with the busy life styles, health issues have become increasingly common among young generations. This can be identified as a major threat towards the well-being and productivity of the nation. Lack of regular exercises and poor food safety measures are the main causes behind this crisis. One of the main reasons for this issue is unhealthy diets such as fast foods which people can’t avoid due to their busy schedules. Therefore people are looking for food supplements which can provide additional nutrition, but most of the food supplements currently available in the market can cause side effects. Therefore people are reluctant to use food supplements without subscription of the doctor. These are the main reasons to introduce new natural food supplement to the market. “Natural Energy” is a natural food supplement which is recognized by National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) and doctors are recommending it as 100% natural food supplement which has no any side effects.

2.0 Business objective

Primary objectives of the business are
 To provide natural, quality food supplement for reasonable price.
 To support the community to live healthy life style.
 To expand the business to other main cities of the country after two years.