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Decision analysis and strategic management – Hemas Pharmaceuticals


Decision analysis and strategic management – Hemas Pharmaceuticals

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  • Arrange to sit in on decision making meetings at the operational and strategic management levels within your organization.
  • Note the nature of problems dealt with at each level. Apply appropriate criteria to show whether they are tame or wicked?
  • Note the approach to decision making for each type of problem that you have identified. In particular discuss whether the approaches are qualitative or quantitative in nature. Are the approaches appropriate for the type of problem?
  • Finally, evaluate the decision-making process/es used against each of the steps in Williams (2002) rational problem-solving approach. How effectively do the processes used follow each step? What are the consequences where they are not followed? What gets in the way of the process being followed?
  • Do you have any recommendations for decision makers at various levels in your organization based on your understanding of theory frameworks?

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1.0 Introduction

Problem solving and decision making skills are key management skills which corporate leaders need to develop. In this report decision making and problem solving approach of Hemas Pharmaceuticals will be comprehensively analyzed. Hemas Pharmaceuticals is a 100% own subsidiary of Hemas Holdings and leading pharmaceutical distribution company which is 18% market share. Report is based on problems which arise from strategic and operational level meetings of Hemas Pharmaceuticals Audit committee meeting and monthly warehouse team meeting has been selected as strategic level and operational level meeting.

2.0 Problems identified in meeting

Strategic level of the organization are responsible for developing goals, company polices, strategic plan and overall direction of the business. Operational level management execute the plan developed by top management. Mainly they are responsible for solving issues arise in day to day operations (Diasz, 2017)

2.1 Strategic management level meeting

Quarter three audit committee has been selected as strategic management level meeting which was held on 4th January 2018. Audit committee chairman, Managing Director – Hemas Pharmaceutical, Director- Finance, Director – supply chain, Director- Sales, Director – HR, General Manager- Regulatory and compliance, General Manager- Risk and Control and Manger – Risk and Control participated to the meeting.
Identified Issues

Main issues identified in the meeting have been listed below.

1. Due to price control of the 42 drugs, impact to the bottom line still continue. Further pharmacies and supply chain continuously put pressure to increase their margin due to this issue.
2. According to recently conducted crisis management audit, Hemas Pharmaceutical has rated as “fair”. Since Hemas Pharmaceutical has only one warehouse, this has considered as high risk issue.
3. It has noticed some distributors has not comply with the rules and regulation of National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA).
4. Slowness and break downs of the supply management system has led to decrease productivity of the operation.
5. Two private hospitals has request to purchase analyzers for 60% of its cost by agreeing to buy reagents for analyzers from Hemas Pharmaceuticals for 5 years.