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Project Management – Call Tracking System


Project Management – Call Tracking System

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Case Study: Customer Service Management at Glamso

Customer Services Department has been using the Bravo call tracking system for nine years to allocate and capture statistics on incoming customer service calls.  In that time, call volume has grown five-fold and we have experienced both capacity and reliability problems with the Bravo system.  Its manufacturer no longer supports the Bravo system.  A decision was made to replace the Bravo system with the Alpha call tracking system.  Alpha has been procured and must be installed, configured, tested, and implemented into production.

This project will design/configure and implement the new Alpha call tracking system in time for the expected annual spike of customer support calls in December.

Project objective: Design and Implement a new call tracking system

Project Success criteria:

  • All calls to customer service after the implementation date are routed and tracked using the new system.
  • All customer service personnel demonstrate capability to use the new system
  • Operations accepts responsibility for ongoing maintenance and support of system after implementation

Project scope

  • Implement the new call tracking system in production
  • Procure server hardware to support the system
  • Provide appropriate training and documentation to users in customer service
  • Provide appropriate training and documentation to operations group
  • Perform turnover to operations
  • Work with customer services to collect and document requirements in the form of User Stories
  • Design the new system and describe it in the form of work flow diagrams
  • Convert historical data from Bravo system into Alpha
  • Train users in system usage
  • Train customer services managers in metrics and reporting
  • Train operations in system operation and trouble shooting
  • Serve as primary system support group for the first seven days of operation during turnover to Operations group

Source: (Project Alpha: Call Tracking System Upgrade, 2013)



Assume that you have been assigned as the project manager for this project. Prepare a project report including the following.

  • Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to the project. Need to use the standard practices to draw the WBS. You are allowed to pick and choose the names for summary tasks and activities in the WBS. Limit the number of activities to twenty five. (20 marks)
  • Draw a network diagram for the project with ES, EF, LS, LF and Slack. Mark the critical path and project duration. (20 marks)
  • Prepare a responsibility matrix to allocate responsibilities to the team members. You are allowed to pick and choose resources required for the project. (10 marks)
  • Prepare a budget and a cost distribution plan for the project. You are allowed to decide the resources required. Use realistic estimations during the budgeting process with appropriate assumptions. Costs should be distributed using ES time when preparing the cost distribution plan. (15 marks)
  • Prepare a quality management plan for the project. List all the quality standards. (10 marks)
  • Prepare a risk management plan for the project. Need to demonstrate all the steps in risk management framework. ( 15 marks)
  • Prepare a stakeholder management and communication management plan for the project. ( 10 marks)


Assessment criteria

  1. Preparation of WBS appropriately. (20 marks)
  2. Preparation of Network Diagram accurately.  Mark EST, EFT, LST, LFT and Slack for each node in the diagram. (20 marks)
  3. Preparation of responsibility matrix appropriately. (10 marks)
  4. Critical preparation of project budget and cost distribution plan. Use of EST for accurate cost planning is a key concern.(15 marks)
  5. Critical preparation of a sound quality management plan. Use appropriate quality planning, quality assuring and quality controlling techniques.  (10 marks)
  6. Preparation of risk management plan. Identification, assessment and mitigation plan for identified risks with required detail level. (15 marks)
  7. Preparation of a strong communication plan to ensure smooth functioning of the project. And also the coverage of stakeholder management in the communication plan. (10 marks)

Additional information

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Work breakdown structure (WBS)
3.0 Network Diagram
4.0 Responsibility matrix
5.0 Budget and cost distribution plan
6.0 Quality management plan
7.0 Risk management plan
8.0 Stakeholder management and communication plan


1.0 Introduction

Project management can be defined as the planning, delegating, monitoring and controlling all the features of the project and the motivation of the people involve with it, to accomplish the objectives of the project within the estimated performance targets for time, quality, cost, scope, benefits and risk (Axelos, 2017). The objective of this report is to comprehensively analyze the project management aspects of design and implement new call tracking system at Glamso. Glamso’s customer management department has been using the Bravo call tracking system for nine years to manage statistics on incoming customer service calls. However, due to capacity and reliability problems, company decides to replace Bravo system with the Alpha call tracking system.
Iterative life cycle will be used to conduct this project. Iterative life cycle means where the project scope is decided early stage of project life cycle, however, cost and time estimations are conducted routinely and modified based on the project team’s understanding of the changes (PMI, 2017). This enables make changes with less cost impact (PMI, 2017).
This report consists with work breakdown structure (WBS), network diagram, responsibility matrix, budget and contribution plan, responsibility matrix, budget and cost distribution plan, quality management plan, risk management plan, stakeholder management and communication management plan.

2.0 Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Work breakdown structure (WBS) can be defined as a product oriented family tree of phases, tasks and activities which designs to organize, delineate and graphically show total work need to be achieved to attain the project’s objectives (PMI, 2017). WBS is the fundamental project management technique which uses to define, develop and organize the total project scope using hierarchical decomposition (PMI, 2017). Success of the project highly depends on project team’s ability to specify project tasks, activities and deliverables. WBS helps to plan and control the project content. It provides common platform to plan scope schedule, estimate cost, allocate responsibilities and develop communication, risk assessment, monitoring and control plan (PMI, 2017).
WBS can be designed in two different ways; process oriented WBS and deliverables oriented WBS. In this project, process oriented WBS is used in which WBS defines the project based on activities, functions or work phases (Kohil & Chitkara, 2008). Further, two types of structure can be designed as hierarchical structure or mind map (Kohil & Chitkara, 2008). Hierarchical structure is used for this report.
Key activities of this project can be listed as below.
Designing the Alpha call tracking system – The key deliverable of the project is to develop Alpha call tracking system. Designing the system is a key tasks. Sub tasks such as collecting user requirements and designing a demo are fallen under this.
Conducting training programs for new system – Conducting training programs for all required audience is covered here. Further, designing training programs and training materials are also fallen under this.
Hardware and software installation – Procuring and installation of hardware and software are fallen under this.
Conversion data from Bravo to Alpha tracking system – Converting historical data from Bravo to Alpha system and related activities are categorized under this.
Implementation – Project implementation and project success criteria need to be categorized under this.