Leading and Managing Organizational Resources – DRAX


Leading and Managing Organizational Resources – DRAX

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How might Drax effectively integrate Drax Technology and Drax Services given the very different cultures and leadership, to support future plans? How might they effectively manage the change process?

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Executive summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Analysis
2.1 Strategic integration
2.2 Organization culture
2.3 Agile way of working
2.4 Power and politics
2.5 Change management
3.0 Conclusion
4.0 Recommendation


Executive summary

Previously, assignment one discussed how emerging technologies affect to the traditional industries and what are the skills and capabilities that required to adopt to new technologies. Drax technologies and service is in security and fire detection sector and it also has affected since the new technologies. Therefore, two companies expect to adopt to new business environment by integrating two companies. This study extensively evaluate how to conduct this changing process. To conduct this change management process, basically, organization culture need to be changed. This study is explained that adhocracy culture is the most suitable culture for the change management which encourage innovation and taking risks. Further, this study discuss cultural differences between service and product organization. Due to differences of two organizational cultures, this study suggest team oriented culture is more suitable to integrate the two companies. Agile way of working is identified as quick and effective way to adjust for the business environment. This study discuss key values that Drax need to develop to achieve agile way of working. Power need to be used effectively and carefully for this kind of changing process. Therefore, formal organizational structure is also need to be changed. This study suggest matrix structure as new organizational structure to speed up the decision making process and use organizational resources effectively. Two change management models has been discussed in this study and Kotler’s eight steps for implementing change has been identified as the most suitable model considering size and complexity of the organization.

1.0 Introduction

In previous assessment, it discussed leadership and organizational resource management of Drax. In industry 4.0, firms need to be more innovative and find better solutions to gain competitive advantage. Most of the emerging technologies have disrupted traditional industries. Therefore, companies need to use these technologies effectively to adopt according to current business environment. Firms and staff need to develop special capabilities and skills to adopt with new technologies. Further, leadership need to be more creative and flexible. These areas have been extensively discussed in previous assignment. Therefore, it is identified that Drax can use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning for the operation. Further, internet of things (IoT) can be also used to design security systems and provide better service to the customers.
In this study, it mainly focus on how to effectively integrate both Drax technologies and services and how to conduct changing process. DRAX services provide independent maintenance and specially provide security advice. Company deliver fire alarm maintenance, fire risk assessment and fire alarm systems all over the UK. DRAX technology provides integrated fire protection services and alarm management solutions. Company’s hardware and software enable firms to manage alarms from different manufactures and facilitating one alarm management solution. Integrating service organization and technological organization a challenging task. Therefore, organizational culture, structure and leadership need to be changed. Further, there need be connection between strategies and operation process. Main advantage of the integration is synergetic effect. There need to be process to follow before the integration and after the integration. This study extensively discuss those processes.